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Mastermind Groups

“The two most important words when we’re in struggle – Me Too.”

― Brene Brown

Mastermind groups are peer-to-peer mentoring groups working towards learning and growing from failure experiences through advice and input from each other. One the most powerful things to do is to stand with others in their struggle. It breaks isolation, helps share stories of struggle, and provides a connection with others who know and can relate to what you are going through. Founder Failure curates mastermind groups with individuals who are experiencing failure in both big and small ways, and those in the middle of their struggle and those looking to make sense after failure. We connect like-minded people with diverse backgrounds together so they can rise together and learn from failure as a team.

The groups are small, so that people can be open and honest with each other without the fear of being open to the entire community. Stigma is real, so finding the right people to grow with matters. That is why we curate the groups to ensure that each group will have a good balance of the right people and fit between those people. When trust is established within a group, people can become vulnerable and share their stories without judgement.

Mastermind groups have access to content specific for groups and are facilitated by the Founder Failure team. Members can engage any time to and explore concepts with the Founder Failure team and their group members as they see fit.

If you would like to know more about the mastermind groups, please reach out and share what your goals are.