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Back in Business’ mission is to help entrepreneurs rise faster and stronger – as individuals – past their existing business struggles and previous failures.

Resources Back in Business has many resources to explore to help on your journey


Listen to podcasts and read stories from entrepreneurs who have fallen and found the strength and strategies to rise.

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Learn concrete actions to take to rise stronger after the fall based on leading research and lived journeys of others.

Welcome, we know the struggles and we’re happy to have you here.

Back in Business is focused on helping entrepreneurs rise after business failure. Our team believes that there is tremendous value in the many startup founders who have failed. Some sources share that this is as high as 90% of startups. While many others focus on the success stories, Back in Business is all about exploring the struggle and failure stories and how founders rise as people.

We are always growing our practice of supporting people to rise from their business struggles and failure, and are adding new content and links to resources that can help you, as an entrepreneur, rise from your own fall. The potential impacts are high – as business failure has been linked to, in the extreme cases, the same level of grief as losing a loved one. Research shows that the trauma of failure, particularly business failure, often comes in the form of several key areas of our lives – financial, emotional, relationships, physical, and spiritual. Recovering from such trauma takes time and intentional actions.


Back in Business is building a community of knowledge and practice with goals to:

  1. Help accept failure as a learning opportunity that happens and can be overcome,

  2. to help you find your voice and the language to cope with struggle and failure, and

  3. to help share stories and strategies on how to effectively learn from failure so you can rise faster and are stronger from the experience.


Welcome to the community.